Technical Writing: Where jargon is not allowed

Geist Arts specializes in developing easy to understand products for audiences ranging from first-time consumers to highly experienced engineers. Specialties include site preparation, installation, operation, programming, and service manuals for complex semiconductor manufacturing systems. At Geist Arts our goal is clear, concise professional material delivered within deadline and budget. This dedication and work ethic was appreciated by companies such as:

  • Media1 - When asked to produce a User Guide to supplement a Power Point-based training program for HP's SmartStream Production Center workflow application (Beta version), the guide was produced within deadline and budget. With HP contacts in Montana, Media1 offices in Grand Haven, Michigan, and my office in Ludington, Michigan, all work was performed remotely using web meetings for program demonstrations with occasional face-to-face meetings at Media1.

  • Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) - Developed original reference guide for their Knowledge Information Technology Transfer too (KITT) and ultimately moved that guide to an internal Confluence-based wiki. Also developed Wikispaces-based wiki for Pace Vermont (Property Assessed Clean Energy program). All work was completed remotely using the VEIC VPN and web meetings.

  • SUSS Microtec, Inc - The U.S. office (Wafer Bonding Division) of this leading supplier of process equipment for microstructuring in the semiconductor industry and related markets retained my services as a Sr. Technical Writer/Technical Publications Manager. Says Dan Fleming, VP of Operations, "As Sr. VP of Operations, I faced the challenge of simultaneously updating User and Service Manuals for existing products while creating like manuals for several new products. All documents needed to share a common look and feel and make use of hypertext for ease of use. All this with no dedicated staff. Al Geist was the answer. He was brought on to manage and produce these documents with minimal impact on ongoing efforts of Development and Product Engineering while meeting the needs of service, applications, and customer personnel. He did it well. I'm sure he can do the same for you.

  • IBM (Burlington, VT facility) - As Linda Arnold, Technical Writer/Editor, says, "As an experienced Technical writer/editor, Al has many strengths. His in-depth knowledge of the semiconductor industry helped him produce clear, concise, and technically accurate documentation at IBM. Al has a knack for culling and reorganizing technical content in such a way that end users only receive the information they need in a format they can easily understand. He can readily identify and correct many technical errors in the source content, which earns him respect from technical writing peers and engineers alike. Al's a valuable asset wherever he goes."

Some materials we produce include:
  • Manuals and reference guides (hardware and software, installation, operation, service, and so on)
  • Training materials
  • Specification sheets
  • White papers
  • Online Help
  • Wikis
  • Grant Applications
  • Funding Proposals

We can supply the output you need in the format(s) you require, including print, PDF, HTML and so on. This versatility is especially useful when developing training materials.

Throughout the project, we strive to ensure the accuracy of the material, clarity of presentation and conformity to the style guidelines set forth by you, the customer. This also means regular updates to keep you aware of our progress. We found that communicating with our customers is the surest way to minimize problems during the course of a project.

Many of our projects are done in a virtual environment, which can significantly reduced project costs. You save the overhead of supplying an office and associated equipment. You don't have to pay benefits, and you don't have to worry about what to do with excess employees when the project is completed.

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