Each job is different; however, there are some general guidelines for the amount of work required for a typical task. The projects degree of difficulty, research required, or graphics requirements, plus the degree of participation by other teams (Marketing, Engineering, Sales, etc.) may affect the time required to complete the project and thus affect the costs.

The following estimates are based on a single developer's efforts:
  • User's/Reference Guides - up to 8 hours per page, including research
  • Video/Multimedia scripts - 2-8 hours per finished minute depending on research/dialogue
  • White Papers - 4-8 hours per page depending on the complexity of the subject
  • Web pages - 4-8 hours per page, depending on the material
Prior to starting any work, a meeting is required to determine the project's scope and overall cost. This meeting (can be in-person or virtual) is not charged to you. You will be provided with a firm cost estimate after the meeting.

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